New Era for SMS Marketing...

Meet our innovative services that transform SMS into a multimedia communication channel.


Content is the King!

Convert a simple SMS into a rich multimedia message. Tell and share everything you want to in a single message and media without worrying about character limits or message size. Make your customers feel special and show relevant content thanks to customizable fields.

Unique and Short Links

Whether it is the URL of the landing page you create or a URL in your website, MedyaMobil automatically shortens these links and inserts them in your SMS text. The shortened links may be the same for all recipients or unique for each recipient. The shortened links help you save space in your SMS text and enable you track SMS marketing performance for each customer.

Detailed Reports

Keep track of links created, users who viewed your landing page, your customers’ actions on the şanding page, total and unique number of clicks and much more.

Design with Ease

Create a landing page compatible with all mobile devices in a few easy steps thanks to the user-friendly interface, and edit your landing page anytime.



MedyaMobil Landing Page allows you to create a landing page in a few steps without burdening IT teams or your digital agency thanks to a super user-friendly interface, and to automatically shorten the URL of the landing page for each unique recipient and insert them in your SMS message text.



Enjoy unlimited characters for text messages!
Make your customers feel special. Use customized fields and show them relevant information.
Use images to highlight your message! (jpeg, png, gif)
Stream your videos from many platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion!
Show your customers where you are and give road directions!
Still got a lot to share? Upload electronic files! (ppt, pdf, xls ...)
Make your customers take immediate action with Click to Action buttons!
Give hyperlinks to any site.
Direct your customers to social media accounts and increase your followers!v



Integrated with Codec’s bulk SMS reporting system, you can get detailed reports with MedyaMobil anytime with data including but not limited to;
  • Total number of short and unique personalised links created,
  • Unique and total click through rates,
  • GSM number based click analysis, date and time of clicks.



More than an SMS: Say all you have got to say in one single message
Make your customers reach an infinite variety of content with a single click, without being limited with just text or picture. Make the most of their most frequently used and most personal channel of communication.
Higher conversion rates, more interaction
Attract your customers attention with more satisfying content, all the while you easily reach your marketing goals, increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
Deep down analysis and customer segmentation
Get a better grasp of your customers preferences and expectations with detailed and segmented reports, and plan your next moves accordingly.